Coworking Space in Copenhagen with Unique Surroundings

Coworking Space in Copenhagen with Unique Surroundings

Create the best framework for your working life with a coworking space at Office Club. Our exclusive surroundings and excellent facilities will boost your morale and efficiency throughout the day.

Our coworking spaces are located in three unique buildings in Copenhagen, where the historic surroundings will be an inspiration and motivation in itself.

In addition, there is plenty to gain professionally by sitting together with like-minded people. For instance, you will have the possibility to get professional sparring and create an invaluable network.

What is coworking?

In its essence, coworking is about gathering like-minded people in a shared working space. The purpose is to harvest all the benefits of sitting together with other professionals in shared surroundings. In a coworking space, you will often see different professionals from different industries and organisations, which contributes to a great work environment.

Thus, it is a fantastic opportunity to form an even better professional and social network. From which one can potentially benefit significantly in the future.

When many people share the same physical framework, you also automatically get access to better facilities than what you would otherwise have had the opportunity for by yourself.

What are the benefits of coworking?

In a labour market where mobility and agility are keywords, flexibility is a significant factor. But at the same time, we are constantly finding new ways to work, and therefore it makes perfect sense to consider sitting in a coworking space to harvest the benefits it provides.


One of the great advantages of a coworking space is the excellent degree of flexibility coworking offers. You have complete freedom to organise your workday and are not forced into a nine-to-five box. In addition, you control when you want to use your coworking space, and that freedom is something many will consider a big advantage.

Inspiration and networking

On the days when you choose to sit in the office, you have some professionally inspiring settings. With people from different organisations and industries, there can be a considerable amount to gain workwise if you use each other for professional sparring.

At the same time, coworking gives you an even more extensive professional network in the long run, from which you can benefit greatly in the future.

Social community

If you sit alone in the home office and work all day, you can potentially miss out on the socialising element of work. When you choose coworking as a form of work, you get the opportunity to become part of a social community. When you thrive socially, you will also perform better.

Big savings on service costs

When you sit in a coworking space, you save a lot of money on service costs compared to having your own office. For example, there are no expenses for coffee, tea, printer cartridges, internet, cleaning etc.

Are you interested in a coworking space at Office Club?

If you want to take advantage of the fantastic framework and facilities our coworking spaces offer, you need to be a member of Office Club. You can choose from four different types of membership.


For dem eller den, der foretrækker privatlivets fred i eget kontor, er Suite det ideelle og bekvemme valg. Suite-medlemmer har eget kontor og adgang til alle faciliteter og tilbud, kan booke møderum til medlemspris og inviteres til Office Club events.

Fra 8000 DKK/måned


For dem, der trives med selskabet i et kontorfællesskab, giver Studio mulighed for eget fast arbejdsbord i kontor delt med andre. En mulighed i Brønnums Hus. Studio-medlemmer har adgang til alle faciliteter og tilbud, og kan booke møderum til medlemspris og inviteres til Office Club events.

Fra 6750 DKK/måned


For den der nyder friheden til at vælge ’dagens bord’ blandt flex-pladser i Brønnums Hus. Atelier-medlemmer har adgang til alle faciliteter og tilbud i åbningstiden, og kan booke møderum til medlemspris og inviteres til Office Club events.

Fra 4500 DKK/måned


For dem der gerne vil benytte sig af nogle af Københavns mest eksklusive møde- og eventfaciliteter. Rendezvous-medlemmer har adgang til husene i åbningstiden og inviteres til Office Club events.

15000 DKK/år

Er du interesseret i coworking hos Office Club?

Ønsker du at opleve vores huse, eller at høre mere om mulighederne for at blive Office Club medlem, så kontakt venligst vores Office Hotelier, Jonas Larsen på eller (+45) 3073 4999.

Hvis du vil se, hvad vores tidligere og nuværende kunder fortæller om os, kan du læse mere her.