Where Business is Pleasure

Whether you prefer the privacy of your own office or find inspiration in the company of others you are sure to find it at Office Club.

Each of our three houses has its own distinct style and atmosphere. We strongly encourage you to come visit and experience all of them first hand.

For professionals seeking
elevated work experiences

Private offices and workspaces housed in a carefully curated collection of iconic Copenhagen properties is the bedrock of Office Club.

Our three listed houses, Brønnums Hus, Harsdorffs Hus and Zieglers Gaard are meticulously restored to their grandeur and thoughtfully decorated and designed to meet the daily demands of our professional members.

Behind Office Club is the family-owned company Karberghus – both dedicated to preserving the architectural and cultural heritage of Copenhagen Con Amore.

Three Historical Houses
in the heart of Copenhagen

More than just coveted addresses. More than striking buildings and unique interiors. Every house in the Office Club family tells a unique story of architectural whim and personal fate, and becoming part of Office Club you yourself become part of this never ending story.

We aim to share the best of cultural heritage by keeping it sustainable, alive and kicking; making you feel comfortable and welcomed in an atmosphere of elegance and straight forward up and close personal human interaction. That’s how we do it.
Office Club - Brønnums Hus
August Bournonvilles Passage 1,
1055 Copenhagen K
Office Club - Harsdorffs Hus
Kongens Nytorv 5,
1050 Copenhagen K
Office Club - Zieglers Gaard
Nybrogade 12,
1203 Copenhagen K
Office Club Workspace


Our workspaces are thoughtfully designed with modern amenities to facilitate productivity for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and teams. Whether you're in need of a dedicated desk for focused work or a collaborative space for your team, Office Club provides the perfect backdrop for your professional pursuits.

Meetings & Events

At Office Club, our meeting spaces are as unique as your ideas. Each room boasts its own character, expertly blending the latest tech—such as crystal-clear HD displays and seamless videoconferencing capabilities—with the cozy comforts of home. And because inspiration can strike at any time, our Canteen’s delectable offerings and menu are available throughout the day to keep your creative energy flowing.

Office Club Meetings & Events
Office Club Services

Service Par Excellence

At Office Club we specialize in high-end events and private gatherings with keen focus on exclusivity and discretion.Handling guest pickups at the airport, staffing events, arranging private dinners or hosting private cocktail hours; these are just some of the many things we do. So share your dreams and wishes with us and we will make them come true.

Meet The Team

We are here to make you feel at home at work.

Office Club Jonas Duus-Larsen
Jonas Duus - Larsen
Office Hotelier • CEO
Tel: + 45 3325 5900
Dir: + 45 3073 4999
Office Club Philip Hansen
Philip Hansen
Head of Sales & FB
Tel: + 45 3325 5900
Dir: +45 3073 5999
Office Club Team Laura Iuel-Brockdorff Bek
Laura Iuel-Brockdorff Bek
Sales Manager Meeting & Events
Tel: + 45 3325 5900
Dir: +45 3073 7537
Office Club Team Asta
Asta Prosch-Jensen
Front Desk Supervisor
Brønnums Hus Office Club
Tel: + 45 3325 5900
Office Club Team Julie
Julie Strickertsson
Front Desk Manager
Zieglers Gaard Office Club
Tel: + 45 3325 5900
Team Office Club Line
Line Vaarmark
Front Desk Manager
Aurora Lounge
Tel: + 45 3325 5900
Dir: +45 9215 5900
Office Club Team Helena
Helena Petersen
Event Manager
Tel: + 45 3325 5900