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Planning an event or meeting? Our diverse range of meeting spaces, each uniquely designed and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensures that your gatherings are both productive and comfortable. From HD screens to on-site catering, we've got you covered. Contact us to discuss your needs and make your event a success!

Office Club Harsdorffs Hus Udenrigsministeriet
Our Pièce de Résistance; the grand Salle and former office of the Foreign Minister. Overlooking Kongens Nytorv and featuring a stunning site specific installation by Olafur Eliasson. Ideal for boardroom meetings, exquisite receptions and dinners.
Seating: From 20 up to 60 guests.
Room size: Approx. 80 sq.m.

Udenrigsministeriet | Harsdorffs Hus

Office Club Harsdorffs Hus Aurora Meeting Room
In the 1850’s the posh family dining room of a prominent politician, today the perfect memorable place for executive decision making. Standard setup conference table and eight comfortable chairs. Can be connected with the neighbouring Udenrigsministeriet.
Seating: 8 guests
Room size: Approx. 15 sq.m.

Aurora | Harsdorffs Hus

Office Club Akademiet Meeting Rooms
Evocative Chambre Séparée ideal for the confidential meeting nested under the comforting baroque brick walls of Charlottenborg; in the 1750s the Royal Academy of Art led by our very own Harsdorff – today still the birthplace of Danish contemporary art. 
Seating: 6 guests
Room size: Approx. 20 sq.m.

Akademiet | Harsdorffs Hus

Office Club Wiedewelt
For meetings, lunches and dinners in a private and intimate setting, the bright and beautiful Wiedewelt is the ideal multi- purpose space. Views of Kongens Nytorv and the Royal Theatre impress.
Seating: 8 guests
Room size: Approx. 15 sq.m.

Wiedewelt | Harsdorffs Hus

Office Club Bournonville Meeting Rooms
Enjoy the private balcony overlooking Kongens Nytorv and the Royal Theatre when in the former sitting room of the Henriques family, who often entertained the world-renowned ballet master August Bournonville in this very setting. The standard room setup includes a round center table with eight comfortable chairs.
Seating: 8 guests
Room size: Approx. 21 sq.m.

Bournonville | Brønnums Hus

Office Club Sylfiden
Yet another of the Henriques parlors – this one named after the ballet created by world- renowned August Bournonville of the Danish Royal Theatre - a frequent guest of the house in the 1860s. Directly adjacent to reception and lounge and our incomparable service at your fingertips.
Seating: 10 guests
Room size: Approx. 20 sq.m.

Sylfiden | Brønnums Hus

Office Club Brønnums Hus Villa Nova Meeting Room
Villa Nova
A unique parlor offering you the joys of a romantic, early expressionist frieze painted on- site by Skagen Painters Krog and Niss. Villa Nova is reached by passing through the jewel of Brønnums House, the ‘Gold Room’ presenting historic Japanese gilt leather on curved walls original to the house.
Seating: 5 guests
Room size: Approx. 20 sq.m.

Villa Nova | Brønnums Hus

Office Club Grundtvig In Love Zieglers Gaard Meeting Room
Grundtvig in Love
Lavish meeting room with views of the canal, Thorvaldsens Museum and Christiansborg Palace. The sizeable conference table seats up to 16. Directly adjacent to reception and our incomparable service at your fingertips.
Seating: From 14 up to 28 guests
Room size: Approx. 68 sq.m.

Grundtvig in Love | Zieglers Gaard

Office Club Rohde Rummet Meeting Rooms Zieglers Gaard
Rohde Rummet
One of the preferred settings for in-house meetings and team discussions. Bright and comfortable, Rohde Rummet holds all the amenities needed for a productive session.
Seating: 6 guests
Room size: Approx. 26 sq.m.

Rohde Rummet | Zieglers Gaard

Office Club Asa's Boudoir Meeting Room Zieglers Gaard
Asa’s Boudoir
Relaxed lounge ambiance with plush furnishings and cozy lighting. The perfect setting for one-on-one sessions or private conversations.
Seating: 3 guests
Room size: Approx. 26 sq.m.

Asa’s Boudoir | Zieglers Gaard

Office Club De Conincks Kammer
De Coninck’s Kammer
Traditional meeting room with a rococo twist. Perfect setting, vibrant interior and all the amenities needed for an efficient and inspired meeting.
Seating: 8 guests
Room size: Approx. 16 sq.m.

De Coninck’s Kammer | Zieglers Gaard

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We are available every single day making sure that the art of service never becomes business as usual.

Office Club offers a desirable collection of meeting and event spaces for hire. Whether you are hosting a private strategy session with key clients or a VIP event for a larger group of dignitaries, we offer the facilities and event services to match.

Our Houses

More than just coveted addresses. More than striking buildings and unique interiors. Every house in the Office Club family tells a unique story of architectural whim and personal fate, and becoming part of Office Club you yourself become part of this never ending story.

We aim to share the best of cultural heritage by keeping it sustainable, alive and kicking; making you feel comfortable and welcomed in an atmosphere of elegance and straight forward up and close personal human interaction. That’s how we do it.
Office Club - Brønnums Hus
August Bournonvilles Passage 1,
1055 Copenhagen K
Office Club - Harsdorffs Hus
Kongens Nytorv 5,
1050 Copenhagen K
Office Club - Zieglers Gaard
Nybrogade 12,
1203 Copenhagen K
Langelinie Allé 26,

2100 Copenhagen V

Langelinieskuret is an attractive destination, created for locals, tourists, and the curious. It is a meeting place where people of all ages can gather in beautiful surroundings, with a view of the water and the historic architecture and culture of the area. The vision for the revitalization of Langelinieskuret is to bring the building back to its glory days, when the space were filled with goods and the harbor was the center of a rich commercial life.

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At Office Club we specialize in high-end events and private gatherings with keen focus on exclusivity and discretion.

Handling guest pickups at the airport, staffing events, arranging private dinners, or hosting private cocktail hours: these are just some of the many things we do. So share your dreams and wishes with us, and we will make them come true.

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