Meetings & Events

Meetings & Events

Venues and spaces for hire
Office Club offers a desirable collection of meeting and event spaces for hire. Whether you are hosting a private strategy session with key clients or a VIP event for a larger group of dignitaries, we offer the facilities and event services to match.

For those who value finer things in life

Event services

At Office Club we specialize in high-end events and private gatherings with keen focus on exclusivity and discretion.

Handling guest pickups at the airport, staffing events, arranging private dinners or hosting private cocktail hours; these are just some of the many things we do. So share your dreams and wishes with us and we will make them come true.

In good and competent hands

Harsdorffs Hus


Office Club Pièce de Résistance; the grand ballroom and former office of the Foreign Minister. Overlooking Kongens Nytorv and featuring a stunning site specific installation created by artist Olafur Eliasson. Ideal for boardroom meetings, exquisite receptions and dinners.

Seating: 20 persons
Room size: Approx 70 sq. m. 


In the 1850’s the posh family dining room of a prominent politician, today the perfect memorable place for executive decision making. Standard setup conference table and six comfortable chairs.

Seating: 6 guests
Room size: Approx. 15 sq. m.

Brønnums Hus


Meeting room with a private balcony overlooking Kongens Nytorv and the Danish Royal Theatre. The standard setup includes a round center table with eight comfortable chairs.

Seating: 8 guests
Room size: Approx. 28 sq. m.

Villa Nova

One-of-a-kind venue with original paintings by Arnold Krog and Thorvald Niss. Villa Nova is reached passing Brønnums Hus’ unique ‘Gold Room’; our internationally acclaimed Lounge boasting curved walls adorned with historic Japanese guilt leather. Standard setup round conference table and six comfortable chairs. Please note, screen not available in Villa Nova.

Seating: 5 guests
Room size: Approx 23 sq. m.

Zieglers Gaard

Grundtvig in Love

Lavish meeting room with views of the canal, Thorvaldsens Museum and Christiansborg Palace. The sizable conference table seats up to 16 persons.

Standard seating: 16 persons
Room size: Approx 55 sq. m.


Often the preferred setting for in-house meetings and sessions RohdeRummet is the go-to place.

Seating: 6 persons
Room size: Approx 20 sq. m.

De Conincks Kammer

Pleasant room with plush furnishings and cozy lighting. Perfect for one-on-one sessions and private conversations.

Seating: 3 persons
Room size: Approx 15 sq. m.

Ása’s Boudoir

The traditional meeting room with a rococo twist. Be efficient and inspired. A round conference table and five comfortable chairs.

Seating: 5 persons
Room size: Approx 16 sq. m.

Zieglers Kabinet

A spacious room with a city atmosphere. The standard-setting features a rectangular wooden table with beautifully crafted chairs.

Seating: 8 persons
Room size: Approx 27 sq. m.