How do we cultivate the ultimate work experience? What will it take to create a professional environment that fosters connections, conversations, and community among its members? How do we design a pleasant place for work – and a place that just works?

These were our founding questions. Office Club is our answer.

The Service

From running simple errands to satisfying complex service requests, we are here to assist you. We are available every single day making sure that the art of service never becomes business as usual.

As an Office Club member, you will be met with a friendly can-do attitude from attentive team members genuinely interested in making your workday better, whatever it takes.

Authentic relationships

The Art

The Houses

More than just coveted addresses. More than striking buildings and unique interiors. Every house in the Office Club family tells a unique story of architectural whim and personal fate, and becoming part of Office Club you yourself become part of this never ending story.

We aim to share the best of cultural heritage by keeping it sustainable, alive and kicking; making you feel comfortable and welcomed in an atmosphere of elegance and straight forward up and close personal human interaction. That’s how we do it.